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Hassle free course management for NZ high schools

What is Course Compass?

New Zealand high schools have a large and diverse number of courses on offer which means keeping track of a sizeable amount of information such as course outlines, assessments and more.

Sometimes this information requires printing a paper course book for students to look at to help them determine their subject choices.

Course Compass is a cloud based system that offers an easy way for high schools to manage course data, including features such as quick & easy course data entry, PDF course book generation and a fast, searchable mobile/tablet friendly interface.

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Why Course Compass?

"Burnside High School, the largest secondary school in the South Island, uses Course Compass for our course information. It makes it much easier for curriculum leaders to make changes to the information available to our students and also cuts our costs significantly."

Save time

Course Compass streamlines the process of collecting course data into one readily-accessible intuitive interface leaving you time to focus on more important things.

Save money

Course Compass significantly reduces the cost of collating and distributing course information to a simple subscription fee instead of the high cost of potentially making course books each year.

Reduce environmental impact

Course Compass can reduce your schools environmental impact by moving to a digital approach instead of printing course books, without the need to purchase any additional computer equipment.


Course Compass offers many different features designed to make entering, searching and displaying course information as simple as possible.

Managing courses

Easily add/edit/find courses and include data such as outlines, faculty, level, costs, entry requirements and more.

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NZQA assessments

Teachers can quickly add assessments to courses by simply typing in the standards number, thanks to NZQA supplied data.

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Course portal

Students and parents can easily find and view courses using the mobile/tablet friendly portal. 

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Creating course books

Should you require it you can create printable course books for a level, faculty or the entire course list.

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Easy to use

Built from the ground up with teachers and students in mind, Course Compass offers a well-tested, simple, intuitive interface

Fast & Secure

The service has been built using best practices to ensure speed & stability. Course Compass also uses strong SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

Mobile friendly.

Course Compass is completely mobile/tablet friendly. It also works well with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 9+.

Coming Soon: Vocational Pathways

Vocational Pathways will be soon be an integral part of Course Compass, enabling students to easily find the courses relevant to their future careers.

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