About Course Compass

Course Compass is a service that has been designed, built and tested over the last two years. It is provided by Greenstone Limited, a Christchurch based digital agency.

It has been tested by schools across the country including Burnside High School, the fourth largest school in NZ and the largest in the South Island.

Course Compass employs industry best practices including regular backups of data, automated deploys and version control, the use of strong firewalls and automated monitoring as well as SSL encryption with all Course Compass instances.

Course Compass uses exclusively open source software, and takes advantage of some of the best technologies on offer including Ubuntu Linux, Elasticsearch and Nginx.

Contact us

Greenstone Limited

PO Box 79222
Christchurch 8446
New Zealand

For Course Compass related matters: hello@coursecompass.nz

For all other enquiries: hello@greenstone.org.nz

The legal fine print

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